A Note from the Wine Maker

I am often asked by wine novices, what types of foods go well with Muscadine wine? This is a perplexing question to a native

North Carolinian who thinks that sweet Muscadine wine goes well with everything. The problem is, as Southerners, we don’t

typically make wine to go with specific meals. Therefore, the best way I know to describe Muscadine wine is that “It’s a front porch

sipp’n wine”…in other words, after a long day at the office, in the field, or around the house, we don’t typically wait on food to be

served to start enjoying our wine.

Unlike most Vinifera style wines grown throughout Europe and the United States, all Muscadine wines are best served chilled. Also

it a good practice to allow the wine to breathe (allow the wine to be exposed to air) for fifteen-to-twenty minutes after opening a

new bottle. This will allow the wine to stabilize and will enhance the fruity Muscadine flavor. Please keep in mind that sweet

varieties of Muscadine wines are best when consumed within six-to-eight months of purchase.

Muscadine wine is a heart healthy product often recommended by Doctors to improve cardiovascular health. Most Doctors

recommend one glass of red wine per day. However, due to the unique Muscadine wine processing used at WoodMill Winery, both

red and white Muscadine wines have essentially identical Resveratrol (antioxidant) concentrations.


WoodMill Winery is a handicap accessible facility designed to accommodate large tour groups.

We have indoor seating for up to 140 guests and outdoor seating for over 200 guests.

We have a kitchen prep area and dual facility men’s and women’s restrooms.

Local restaurants can typically provide box lunches for between $8 and $9 per person.



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