Waldensian heritage flows with wine... certainly not the worst tradition to have! 

Centuries ago, in the Cottain Alps, west of Torino, Italy and in the Western Piemont of Italy, the Waldensians learned the craft of

creating great wines. One reason why Historic Valdese was favored by settlers was the terrain, climate, and soil composition was

here was similar to their homes in Italy. 

And today, these wine-making skills are preserved by Waldensian Heritage Wines, located a couple miles north of downtown

Valdese. Visitors can witness processes that reflect a combined 250 years experience in wine-making. Built of local field rock and

timbers, the Waldensian Heritage Winery opened in 1930. 



Monday - Wednesday ~ Appointment Only

Thursday - Sunday ~ 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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Waldensian Heritage Winery
4940 Villar Lane NE
Valdese, NC 28690
(828) 879-3202