For seven generations the Wright Family has called coastal Currituck County home. Much has changed 

since original settler Jacob Wright shipwrecked on the shores of Duck, but the family still honors 

the farming tradition established hundreds of years ago, Sanctuary Vineyards is the product of 

centuries of farming experience and a dedication to a dream – producing world-class wines in 

Currituck County.When our ancestors first settled here, vineyards usually consisted of a single 

muscadine vine in the backyard, the source of sweet fruit destined for jams, juice and the 

occasional jug of homebrew. However, the popularity of muscadine grapes soon grew, due to their 

affinity for the Carolina soils and unparalleled flavor. The period between the Civil War and 

Prohibition was a renaissance for North Carolina, when it led the country in wine production and 

became world renowned for its sweet elixirs.

Our family created this estate to begin a new wine tradition – brothers Tommy and Jerry Wright 

(and new generation John Wright) are using age-old methods to coax the sweetest fruit from these 

coastal sands. Welcome to Sanctuary Vineyards…


Sanctuary Vineyards is located on a quaint seaside farm where you are likely to see rows of corn 

competing with Cabernet and migratory snow geese nesting among the Sangiovese. Ten acres of grapes 

are nestled among hundreds of acres of farmland and wildlife impoundments that we like to call 

“The Sanctuary.” Varieties include: Syrah, Tempranillo, Viognier,

Norton and the classic Muscadine.


Open seven days a week

Mon-Sat 10-6

Sun 12-6


Sanctuary Vineyards
7005 Caratoke Highway
Jarvisburg, NC 27939
(252) 491-2387