After spending twenty-five years in the food and beverage industry on the Jersey Shore, we headed 

to South Florida, where we purchased raw land, north of the Everglades, just east of the Great 

Cypress Swamp. After months of clearing jungle-like conditions, we planted a tree farm and 

established a plant nursery. Having had twenty years as a very successful business, the Government 

approached us to acquire the land for a project to restore and save the Everglades.

It was a good reason to sell and we could retire!!

And retire we did, only to find after a couple of years we were bored and needed an inspiration. 

With our background, we decided we wanted to be part of the emerging East Coast wine industry. We 

searched up and down the region and finally found what we felt was the perfect parcel, 10 acres in 

the Tryon Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Polk County, North Carolina had a rich history of growing and selling grapes in the late 1800’s. 

Now with the area having over 20 vineyards and 3 wineries, we knew this was the place to begin. 

And begin we did…clearing the trees and thickets, preparing the soil and planting over 4000 grape 

vines. Although we were familiar with this, we made an outstanding discovery…we’re 31 years older 

(ouch!) and yet another adventure begins!!! 


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Parker-Binns Vineyard
7382 NC-108
Mill Spring, NC 28756
(828) 894-0154