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Welcome To Hazel Jean Vineyards

A Boutique Vineyard Located In The Central Part Of North Carolina, The Piedmont Triad.

HJV Was Inspired By The Grace And Southern Charm Of Two Wonderful Ladies. We Grow Three Varieties Of 

Grapes And Produce Three Different Types Of Wine.

Our Lineup Includes A Chardonnay Blend, Merlot and Rose. 

Please Join Us In Celebrating The Lives Of Hazel And Jean, And

The Vineyard Created In Their Remembrance.

Owners and heavy wine consumers, David and Jane Murphy, created Hazel Jean Vineyards in 

remembrance of their late mothers Hazel Land and Jean Murphy. 

It was a passion for fine foods and spirits that sparked the 2005 ARI (Alcohol Related Incident) 

of ordering vines. During the spring of 2006, with the help of their friends and family, the first 

vines of HJV were planted. David and Jane's ignorance to grape growing could not match their 

willingness to continually throw money towards the cause; eventually the money won. After five 

years of determination, some luck, some surprise but a heck of a lot of hard work, David and Jane 

harvested their first crop at Hazel Jean Vineyards. As the years progress, so does the process. 

HJV has continued to increase the quality of their grapes and yield. The vineyard now produces 

over 7500 bottles of wine per year. Some close to this circle have dubbed it the "hobby gone 

horribly wrong", but you will have a hard time convincing that story to anyone who tastes the 


Operating the day to day of a vineyard is long and difficult like some in the know may expect. One 

of the unforeseen highlights is the pride and support offered by so many friends and family. So we 

raise a glass to those friends and family members, cheers to you!

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Hazel Jean Vineyards