Elkin Creek Vineyard


The Elkin Creek Family

Since 2011, Elkin Creek Vineyard has been under the care of the White and the Jeroslow families.  

Nick and Jennifer White and Louis and Carrie Jeroslow  found each other through their experience 

working for the theatrical sensation Blue Man Group.  The Whites discovered Elkin Creek Vineyard 

when they married there in 2008.

After the wedding, and while living in Las Vegas, both couples had countless sushi meals where 

future dreams were discussed.  As they did, a similar vision emerged - to create a place where 

people can come to celebrate life's great moments as well as a place to find quiet sanctuary;  a 

life that involved people gathering around great wine, delicious food and beautiful surroundings. 

It was quite a surprise when previous owner, Mark Greene approached them when he was ready to move 

on to his next adventure. 

Mark Greene and his wife established Elkin Creek Vineyard in 2001, after purchasing the century-

old mill.  He built the winery/restaurant with help from a few friends and his five children.  It 

was created as a labor of love.

The Whites and the Jeroslows are deeply honored to have been chosen by Mr. Greene and it is a 

dream come true to care for and nurture this magical place.


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Thursday 11AM–5PM

Friday 11AM–5PM

Saturday 11AM–5PM

Sunday 11AM–5PM


Elkin Creek Vineyard
318 Elkin Creek Mill Road
Elkin, NC 28621
(336) 526-5119