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100 % GRASS FED-AGED ANGUS BEEF for family freezers

We never add preservatives, hormones or growth stimulants. By dry-aging our Angus for 20 days, you 

get that intense flavor in every quarter or half side of beef, custom cut to your order. Flash 

freezing it locks in its maximum flavor. We never add preservatives or artificial coloring. That's 

why D D Farms all natural aged-Angus Beef will be the best your've ever tasted. The main fatty 

acids in beef,omaga 3 & oleic acid, increase the natural source of protein, vitamins, and 

healthful fatty acids. This is positive for diet health. Did you know that most beef sold by 

grocery store chains has been implanted with growth hormones that are estrogen based? Our 

customers want to know where their beef comes from, and the natural beef slogan has come to be 

defined as "locally grown" and grass fed.

Our secret is that we let the mother cow's milk grow the calf. Then we use rotational grazing on 

100% fescue pastures to form intramuscular marbling. This concept has created greater demand for 

our Angus/Braunvieh cross bred steers, because our grass fed programs put more taste fat inside 

the muscle. Our average steer will weigh between 1,000 to 1,250 pounds and yield between 500 to 

600 pounds of meat. After aging and trimming, our average half side of beef weighs around 250 

lbs/our average quarter side weighs about125 lbs. D D Farms customers say our aged Angus Ribeyes & 

filets are the best steaks on the East coast!

Our Products

QUARTER & HALF-SIDES / AGED ANGUS BEEF! We now have "Brown Swiss" (Braunvieh) steers known as the 

famous Brown Cow from Switzerland. Over the past 10 years, tests have shown that Braunvieh steers 

produced more USDA choice beef with yield Grade 2 or better than any other breed. We also have 

Angus/Braunvieh and Braunvieh/Simmental crossed steers.



Our beef is featured at Mint Hill Farmers Market, Mint Hill, NC 28227.


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Purchase by phone, 704-545-5583,e-mail- CADDLCO@AOL.com


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