QAP Membership 2020 — Calendar Year — January 2020 — December 2020

• In order to submit wines to the QAP program — a membership fee will be assessed. You may

become a QAP partner winery at anytime but QAP membership is only for one calendar year.

• Once a member, you may submit additional wines using a production record sheet beyond

your allotment for an additional fee outlined below.

• For wineries that have wines made through custom crush facilities, each brand, tasting room,

or winery, must be a member of the QAP program in order for our sensory lab to process the


• Three different memberships are available each with their own benefits. A detailed

explanation of membership is listed in this section. Membership will be recorded and fee

accepted through Surry Community College. You may use a check, debit, or credit card to

purchase memberships (3% CC processing fee applies).

Partner Winery Contact InformaAon:

Date: ______________

Winery Name: __________________________________________________________________

Winery Address: ________________________________________________________________

Contact Person: _________________________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________________

Membership Level selection (circle one): A B C

Terms and Conditions

The NC-QAP expects that the information provided is true and honest. The NC-QAP reserves the

right to request winery records to determine if wines submitted pre-bottling have been

significantly altered in any way after the approval process. The NC-QAP will use the lot numbers

supplied to determine when wines have been finished and botted. The NC-QAP will follow up on

samples that have been submitted pre-bottling. The NC-QAP reserves the right to refuse or

revoke sticker approval if wineries do not adhere to program guidelines.

The NC-QAP does not share information with any other organization. When wine samples are

submitted we only communicate directly with the partner winery contact. Your privacy is

paramount to our program.

Do you agree to these terms and conditions?


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