I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer season. I am writing today to announce the continuation of the North Carolina Quality Alliance Program in a new form through the collaboration with Surry Community College.

The mission of the QAP is to ensure the commercial viability of North Carolina wines by providing a voluntary program to identify fault-free commercial NC wines, with the overall goal of educating the public on NC wine quality. This is an anonymous program, and a low-cost way to receive analytical and sensory results on your wines.

We have listened to your feedback and have implemented a number of major changes in the new QAP program. The QAP will now accept wines on a monthly basis. In addition, we will accept wine samples pre-bottling with the attached production form. Finally, basic lab analysis will be included on each sample submitted. Please review the calendar and production form and let me know if you have any additional questions.

Wines will now be submitted to SCC for analysis at the newly established SCC Quality Laboratory. Submitted wines will first be analyzed on a basic panel, which will include analysis of: pH, TA, Free SO2, Volatile Acidity, and Residual Sugar against standards. Then, passing wines will move to sensory analysis where a variety of SCC-trained panelists will analyze the wines for the presence or absence of faults. The results of the basic panel analysis will be communicated with your sensory results. Additional analysis can be added to each sample, mark the submission form for additional analysis.

Please refer to the NC-QAP calendar for submission dates and all panel-training sessions. All wines will receive feedback, and successful wines are eligible to carry the NC Quality Alliance Program approval sticker for use in marketing, labeling, and as a talking point with consumers and retail outlets. Wines that do not pass the sensory panel will be tested for the fault that caused it to fail.

To participate, submit three (3) bottles of each wine to be evaluated following the directions on the attached submission form by **Dates To Be Announced** If you wish to participate in later months, please refer to the calendar for submission dates. Your feedback and data will be sent by email and made available to you online through the SCC Quality Laboratory.

Submissions can be dropped off at Carolina Wine Supply in Yadkinville NC or you can drop or ship them to the Shelton-Badgett Center for Viticulture and Enology at Surry Community College in Dobson, NC, 630 South Main Street, Dobson, NC 27017.

Please make sure you include:

  1. Current Sample Submission Form (attached) for EACH SAMPLE you submit.
  2. Three (3) bottles of each wine to be evaluated
  3. $20 fee per sample submitted, plus any applicable additional charges based on analysis desired.

If you have questions regarding the QAP program process or samples submissions please direct them to

I look forward to the continuation of the QAP program at Surry Community College,


David Bower
Enology Instructor and Winemaker
Surry Community College, Surry Cellars
Southeastern United Grape and Wine Symposium Chair
Principal Investigator, North Carolina Quality Alliance 

Download QAP Production Record Submission Form (PDF)

Download QAP Calendar (PDF)