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Vineyard Workshop

***We will have a Bilingual Specialist***

Carmina Hanson on site for your

Spanish Speaking workers

(No License Required)

Monday, April 25th, 2022


Surry Community College

Shelton/ Badgett Center

630 South Main Street

Dobson, NC 27017


$25 Lunch Included

Fit Test Available During the Workshop

Additional Fee/ Registration Required -

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Workshop Agenda

9:00 AM

Cole Davis / Helena Chemical- Vineyard Chemicals

 What’s available due to supply issues.

10:00 AM

Joseph Geller/ Dynamis Vineyard- Panel Discussion

with Dustin Gentry/ Piccione Vineyards &

Jason Krug/ Raffaldini Vineyards

Vineyard Spring Management Techniques, Tips From the Growers 


This session will provide helpful advice to start your growing

season off on the right foot. 

Topics discussed will include pest and disease management,

trellis and wire movement techniques, shoot selection, nutrition,

and vineyard floor management highlighting cover crops

and weed management options. 

(X, N, D, O pesticide credit available)

11:00 AM

Travis Snodgrass / NCDA&CS-

Worker Protection Updates                      

(X, N, D, O pesticide credit available)

1:00PM Lunch



Sarah Bowman/ Surry Community College - Introduction to the New Facility

Pre-Registration Required for the Workshop







Bridgette Slate (336)352-4900 ext# 120




Compliance Workshop, Monday November 15th, 9am-2pm, Old Homeplace Vineyards, 623 McGee Road, Winston Salem, NC 27107

Registration will be required for this workshop and will open in October. We will email the details next month.

We will have the following representatives; NC ABC, NCDOT, TTB, Wright Global Graphics, and Logo Label.


NC ABC-Stacey Carter-Cole -Product Specialist will discuss changes to label approval. Product Approval. Also we will discuss some of the current issues and changes down the road regarding licensing and product.

NC DOR- Al Malik – The proper filing that is required; B-C-784, Wine Wholesaler and Importer and Resident Winery Excise Tax Return and the E500, Sales and Use Tax Return.

TTB- Product approval

Teresa Brown/ Wright Global Graphics & Tim Oates / Logo Label – Requirements for your labels.


Harvest Workshop

Monday, July 19th, 2021

Shadow Springs Vineyards, 5543 Crater Road

Hamptonville, NC 27020




Registration Required- $25, lunch Included




David Bower/ Surry Community College - Basic Lab Testing


Kevin Elder/ Elizabeth Higley/ Windsor Run Cellars; New local testing service providing analysis of juice and wine in less than 24 hours for preharvest discussions and fermentation security.  


Megan Hereford/ Scott Laboratories- “New tools for clean crafted wines” 


Panel Discussion

Harvest Timing; When to Pick & Process, Pulling accurate samples from vineyard to lab. 


Dr. Mark Hoffman/ NC State University / Moderator


Jason Krug / Raffaldini Vineyards, Sarah Bowman / Surry Community College, Mark Friszolowski / Childress Vineyards

 Vineyard Workshop

Monday, April 19th, 2021-9:30am-Noon

Register by sending an email to


Travis Snodgrass/ NCDA&CS Pesticide Division

Every year we get calls from Vineyard Managers about possible drift damage from a nearby area. “Do you suspect herbicide damage to grapes in your vineyard? How to identify, what to do, should you report it, steps to take, possible outcomes, etc.”. 


This session will also cover the use of late season applications of Hydrogen Peroxide sprays such as Oxidate.  I’ll just go over some of the unique label language found on these products that can get vineyards in trouble with pickers/ harvester’s present.

Dr. Mark Hoffman/ NCSU


Systemic diseases such as Pierces' Disease, Grapevine Trunk Diseases and Grapevine Viruses are wide-spread in North Carolina, and if unmanaged, have negative impacts on longevity and productivity of a vineyard. Disease symptoms are often not very specific and can overlap. We will discuss current state of research on trunk and virus diseases in NC, best identification methods and management practices.

Cole Davis/ Helena Chemicals

Spray calibration demonstration & chemicals. Accurate sprayer calibration is essential for proper coverage and to ensure that spray materials/ chemicals are not wasted. Procedures and protocols for calibration of herbicide and air-blast sprayers are discussed.  We will also discuss chemicals that can be mixed together as well as chemicals that cause problems when mixed together.


Pesticide Credits are available.


Subject to Change.


Tasting Room Workshop

Tuesday, March 30th, 2021-9:30am-Noon

Register by sending an email to


9:30AM-10:00AM - COVID-19 Today - Dr. Maillard/ NC Dept. of Health and Human Services

            Navigating around today’s limitations; what’s allowed and what’s not.

10:00AM – 10:30AM– Barbara Raffaldini/ Raffaldini Vineyards 

            Food Trucks & Music

10:30AM-11:15AM – Dr. Erick Byrd, Sam Troy/ UNCG


11:15AM-Noon - Hailey Klepcyk/ Piccione Vineyards

             Virtual Tastings



NCWA One Day Virtual Conference
Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021, 8AM-5PM

Conference presentations are available (To Members) to view; go to Conferences, Previous Conference Presentations


Our Annual Compliance Workshop

This workshop will be held virtually via Zoom

Tuesday November 10th, 2020 - 9:30 am - Noon

Pre-Registration Required – Click Below to Register

To streamline the event, we urge you to submit any questions along with your registration


9:30 AM - Bob Popkin/ NC ABC

10:00 AM - Al Malik & Alicia Sundheimer/ NC Department of Revenue - Form NC 786/ Wine Shipper Permit Excise Tax & Form BC 784/ Wine Wholesaler, Importer & Resident Winery Excise Tax

10:30 AM - Tiffany Aldridge/ Williams Compliance- TTB Form 5120/ Report of Wine Premise Operation

11:00 AM - Special Agent Matt Stemple/ ALE (Alcohol Law Enforcement)


August 4th Harvest Workshop-Follow the link for the live recording;

August 3rd Pesticide V Training Workshop. Travis Snodgrass & Eli Snyder-Mandatory 2 hour training.

Vineyard Workshop-July 6th-Dr. Hannah Burrack, Dr. Mark Hoffman, Dr. Sara Villani/NCSU-Follow the link to see the live recording;

Here is the link for the presentation slides and the recorded webinar -

Tasting Room Marketing Workshop

Tuesday December 10th, 2019 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

$25 Includes Lunch - Pre-registration will be required

This workshop will be held at Surry Community College, SBVE Building,

630 So. Main Street, Dobson, NC 27017


10:00 AM - Noon  --  "How to Optimize your Marketing Dollars" Working Within Your Budget. 

                                             Margo Knight Metzger/MK Metzger Communications

Noon - 1:00 PM    --   Lunch

1:00 - 2:00 PM     --  "Enhancing Your Social Media Presence" Identifying the Different Avenues, Creating an Online Identity, Developing your Brand.

                                              Panel Discussion - Morgan Brookshire/ Childress Vineyards, Justin Wilmoth/ Brandon Hills Winery, Brandy Watson/ Raffaldini Vineyards

2:00 - 3:00 PM     --    "How to Establish a Partnership with your Chamber & County" What exactly does your Chamber do? How can they help you? How can you help them help you?

                                              Panel Discussion- Marcheta Keefer/ Visit WS, Thomas Salley/ Wilksboro Chamber of                                                      Commerce, Bobby Todd/ Yadkin Valley EDP



Harvest Workshop

Surry Community College, SBVE Building,

630 So. Main Street, Dobson, NC 27017

Tuesday, July 23rd at 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Pre- Registration Required - Click the following link -


Preparing for Harvest-10:00 12:00 pm  

Dr. Mark Hoffman/NCSU, Sarah Bowman/ SCC, Eric Case/ Burntshirt Vineyards

Grape Harvest in the Southeast; Complex Decision Making over the Whole Season

Dr. Mark Hoffman/NCSU

Crop Estimate Methodology, Canopy & Crop Load Management to balance Brix, pH, TA & sensory components

Sarah Bowman/SCC

Rots & Rain; When to Harvest, when to wait?

Eric Case/ Burnstshirt Vineyards (Recipient of the NCWA Grower of Excellence Award for 2018


12:00 1:00 pm Lunch


1:00 - 4:00 pm 

Optimizing Harvest & Fermentation 

David Bower/ SCC, Megan Hereford/ Scott Laboratories, Shaun Richardson/ Laffort, USA

Beyond Brix -David Bower/SCC 

  • Assessing ripeness and picking on pH, What high pH means for winemaking
  • Interpreting brix via a refractometer
  • Utlizing parameters beyond Brix, pH, and TA to assess ripeness (Malic Acid, Glucose/Fructose/YAN-combined), what is it?

Yeast Selection Based on Harvest Conditions -Shaun Richardson/ Laffort, USA

• Adjustments for rot / underripe grapes / Mythoxypyrazines / style


Harvest Protocol - Megan Hereford/ Scott Laboratories

  •  Nutrients & addition protocols
  •  Optional additions & their benefits (tannins, MLF co-innoc, etc.)

QAP Harvest Panel - David Bower/SCC

o  Harvest Panel details & services offered with the QAP program. 


 Ask the Winemaker - Mark Friszolowski/ Childress Vineyards, Nadia Hetzel/ Cypress Bend Vineyards, David Bower/ Surry Cellars

o  Q&A with a panel of experienced winemakers


Subject To Change

Compliance Workshop

This workshop will be held at Weathervane Winery

1452 Welcome-Arcadia Road, Lexington, NC 27295 

Tuesday May 21st, 2019 at 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

Pre-Registration Required – click the following link -

$25 per person (Includes Lunch)



10:00 AM - Renee Metz/ NC ABC – Issues & Questions

11:00 AM - Special Agent Kenneth Brandsema/ ALE (Alcohol Law Enforcement)– Issues & Questions

12:00 PM - Lunch

1:00 PM - NC Department of Revenue - Learn How to Report the Annual Report by Wineries to Retail Establishments by All Wineries who hold a Wholesale Permit, Due July 1st.

1:45 PM - TTB Form 5120.17(702) - Report of Wine Premises Operations – 

Mark Friszolowski/ Childress Vineyards.

 2:30 PM – NCDOR - B-C- 784 Form – Wine Wholesaler & Importer & Resident Winery Excise Tax Return- 

Patricia McRitchie/ McRitchie Winery & Ciderworks

3:15 PM - Questions


Vineyard Workshop - Pesticide Credits Available

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Surry Community College, SBVE ,Building 630 South Main Street, Dobson, NC


10:00 AM - Introduction - NCWA Board Past President Mark Friszolowski

10:05-11:00 AM - Wayne Mitchem/NCSU- Herbicide options for grapes as well as rate and age to use. The timing of herbicides to develop a comprehensive vineyard weed management plan.

11:00-12:00 PM - Dr. Mark Hoffman & Dr. Sara Villani/NCSU- Important Foliar and Trunk Diseases; Identification and Management

12:00-1:00 PM - Lunch Break

1:00-2:00 PM - Dr. Hannah Burrack/NCSU- Risk factors for Pierce's Disease in NC grapes, vector biology and identification, and management strategies.

2:00-3:00 PM - Dr. Sara Villani/ NCSU - Sprayers - Techniques and Calibration

3:00 PM - Questions