3 Steps to Join the NCWA

There are 3 steps required to join the North Carolina Winegrowers Association.  They are:

  1. Complete the form below titled "Membership SignUp Form".  Submission of this form redirects you to the Pay Page.

  2. Pay Page - After you complete the SignUp Form, complete the payment form by selecting the correct number of members and their status as indicated in the SignUp Form.

  3. Register on this website - Once you have completed the SignUp Form and paid your dues, you will be eligible to be approved to register on this site.  To Register, click the button below or click the Register link in the Log In box on the Home page.  Registration requires our Administrator to ensure you have completed Steps 1 & 2.  Verification is a manual process.  If you have completed the first 2 steps, click the button below to Register on the site [this is the same as clicking the Login buttom above].


Click to Register on Site

Membership Sign Up Form

Please complete all fields below and submit your information.  Following completion of the form you will be brought to the PayPal page to pay for your membership.  Thanks!

If you wish to print out a form and mail it to us, click here

Primary Membership is $50.00 annually.
Spouse, Associates & Student Membership is $25.00 each annually.

Primary Membership
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To add more than one associate, please click add associate to NCWA application on the right side of the form.

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